CNA Official Certification Guide

If you are planning to become a certified nursing assistant and is wondering what this career is all about there various things that you should know.  Firstly it’s important for you to familiarize yourself with various aspects such as the career prospect, training, courses, classes, certification and other facts in healthcare industry. Since it is a must that you take and pass the CNA certification exam in order for you to become a certified nursing assistant, it is imperative that you understand the important aspects related to CNA certification.  This CNA official certification guide explains important aspects such as: –

  • Types of CNA Certification

In most states, there is one type of CNA certification is the basic level licensing that enables aspiring nurse aids to practice anywhere in the state. In some states, there are different types or levels of certification. For example, there are those states that require CNAs to earn CNA 1 certification before earning the CNA 2 certification. After obtaining the CNA certification, nurse aids can add additional certifications i.e. home health aide, certified medicine aide and geriatric nursing assistant certificate.

  • CNA Certification Requirements

The requirements for CNA certifications also vary from state to state. Applicants are required to fulfill the education requirements of their respective states, which generally consist of taking and passing a state-approved CNA program. Nurse aids can enroll for CNA programs at medical facilities, community colleges, tech and vocational schools etc. After a successful completion of an approved CNA training program, the trainees must then pass a state certification examination that normally consists of a live skills test and a written test. Once the examinee meets the educational and exam requirements, he/she obtains official certification.

  • Reciprocity

The reciprocity process enables CNAs to transfer from one state to another state by doing away with certain parts of the CNA certification process i.e. the state exam. A CNA who wishes to work in another state can submit a reciprocity application to the nursing board of the state he/she intends to move to. CNAs may not have to take a state exam to earn CNA certification from that state, but they may have to undergo a background check and fingerprinting.

  • Renewal of CNA certification

In order for nurse aids to stay current on training, they are required by their respective states to renew their CNA certificates after every few years (mostly 2 years). CNAs are required to fill out a renewal application form and submit it along with verification of employment for the past 2 years and pay a renewal fee. In some states, CNAs who wish to renew their certificates must complete 24 in-service or community service hours.

It is highly advisable for every CNA to check out his/her state requirements for CNA certification, reciprocity requirements, renewal requirements as well as the type of certification offered.


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