Top 3 Healthcare Jobs

There are a number of benefits of a nursing career. This offers you great job satisfaction and career opportunities. The job is also known for its security even during times of recession.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest employment generating sectors in the United States. A $3 trillion industry it employs more than $11 million people which accounts for around 11% of the total jobs in the country. It has been among the most stable sectors even during the economic turmoil and would account for 26% of new employment between 2008 and 2018. If you plan to join this industry there are a number of career options that you can choose from. Here in this brief write-up we shall take a look at the top three healthcare jobs in the United States.

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant
    Certified nursing assistants are at the bottom of the healthcare industry’s pyramid and help people in hospitals, day care facilities and assisted living facilities. Nursing Assistants work under the guidance of Registered Nurses (RNs) and need great levels of CNA training and professionalism. They need to have a compassion filled heart and need to assist patients and elders perform their daily chores. This job involves proper and timely administration of medication and maintaining the overall health and hygiene of the patients. CNAs also perform routine tasks that include changing of beds and room cleaning.
  2. Registered Nurse
    There is a huge demand for Registered Nurses or RNs in the United States. It is rated among the top in-demand career options in the country and projected to generate more than 580,000 new jobs by 2016. It is among the top 10 jobs in the country in terms of growth. A Registered Nurse would need to deal with different types of challenges that assessment of diseases, intervening to promote health and preventing disease. They need to observe, assess and record symptoms which facilitate the preparation of a treatment plan. This job option also allows them to independently practice and provide primary healthcare.
  3. Physical Therapist
    This job involves working very closely with patients across age groups to help in relieving their pain and also increasing mobility. This job is in great demand in the country and these therapists also work with other healthcare professionals such as general physicians and occupational therapists in order to aid relief and recovery among patients. Whether the injury arises out of an accident or old age a therapist would work out on a plan to offer relief and also prevent aggravation of the problem. They continuously evaluate a patient’s improvement also alter their therapy practices based on these.